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Affordable Lawn Care & Snow Removal Services in the Twin Cities Area

Lawn Care

Lawn Mowing

Need help keeping that lawn grass mowed? We've got you covered, we'll make sure all edges of your lawn are well-trimmed.

Leaf Removal

We love the fall, but unfortunately, those very leaves will also drop and take over your lawn. Contact us to help you handle your leaf removal.


Pulling away yellowing or dead leaves is also a good way to keep your plant looking its best.

Bushes & Shrubs

We trim and haul bushes and shrubs. Our debris removal solutions are quick and cost-effective. 


Snow Removal

Snow Blowing

We help ensure we keep water from sipping into the walls of your property by snow blowing around your home as frequently as needed.

Salt Application

We all know how slippery it can get outside during the winter months. Our Sand/ Salt application services will help you keep these high traffic areas as safe as possible.


These days, a snowstorm means shoveling, snow blowing, salting –– not to mention sweating. With us, you can go take a nap while we handle all your shoveling needs.

Snow Plowing

We'll plow your driveway, whenever snow builds up, distributing it neatly out of the way. We also work around the clock to make sure your driveway is clear when you need it to be.

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